(_) JaDa Sparkles(_)_music__GH_(2)


They have dominated the votes,
Exposed their bars,
Have represented GHANA and NIGERIA
Gave hope to other upcoming female mcs
Have proved that women can also do it
And that all it takes is courage and hard work…

We would like to congrats Jada Sparkles ( Ghana)
Olivia Diai ( Nigeria) for taking us on their journeys
sharing their songs on this platform,
and first and for most entertaining you the fans….

We will interview those talented ladies,
update you daily on their activities, hustles
and promote them their songs during this entire year…

We would like to thank the other contestants,
who also shared their materials on the platform,
everybody who voted,
And made this experience unforgettable…

AfroSoundPromo Team

var hupso_url_c="";var hupso_title_c=" ASP IS CROWNING JADA SPARKLES AND OLIVIA DIAI AS WINNERS OF THE #FreestyleFriday 2nd EDITION!!!";