Bring Back Hiphop is an hiphop movement put together by team T-south to fight the low patronage of rap music in Nigeria.
Nigerian rappers find it very difficult to stand out in the industry, and this is as a result of the low patronage level of the rap music and its culture and tradition.
People hardly recognise a real rapper and rap music suffers less sells in Nigeria not because people don’t like it but because 80 percent traffic and patronage is directed to the commercial music. And as a result of this, Rappers find it very difficult to be known,those who actually stands out still finds it difficult to earn well from their records.
This campaign is to preach the hiphop gospel to the nation and fight the low patronage of rap music, it is also aimed at changing the phase of the Nigerian hiphop market to what it should be!.
So many people hardly listen to Nigerian rappers because they feel hiphop is just all about gangstarism, and they also believe its a western tradition. But if we really have to look at it closely, we will discover that most of the commercial singers the country has produced actually started as rappers. The big question is “What happened to hiphop?
We should learn to support every genre of music and try to create a standard for the artistes and this is one of the major purpose of this project.

We wish to give 100 percent support to Nigerian rappers and also discover and promote more from the underground.
Bring Back Hiphop is supposed to be a nationwide campaign and it will be moving from states-to-states to create awareness to the public about the need to pay attention to what every rapper has to offer.
Are you a good lyricist,do you have good rapping skills and you are lacking a platform to expose your skills and career to the world,then its time to be known!!! Become a part of this project and give yourself a good and quality platform to do hiphop the way you wish to.
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